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castle1We watch too much television. At least that’s according to my wife. Not so much according to my peers.The difference is that as the 2015-16 prime time season began, we found ourselves unmoved to try most of the new sitcoms and dramas. We have added just one new series, Blackspot, and will probably sample Telenovela but that’s about it.Which is not to say we haven’t tried new things. Instead, we’re finding them in other places. On basic cable, we were entranced with Mr. Robot and look forward to SyFy’s The Magicians since we both adored the trilogy of novels.Netflix has kept us busy as I enjoyed Sense8, loved Daredevil, and adore Jessica Jones. We’re trying to catch up on DVR’d shows so we can get to The Man in High Castle over at Amazon Prime (just got an Amazon Firestick to help with that).Jessica JonesPeople keep recommending other series to us but there’s a finite number of hours for leisure viewing so we’re getting pickier and pickier. We’re also faster to drop a show that has worn out its welcome. Deb is about done with How to get Away with Murder but Shonda Rhimes’ storytelling keeps me fascinated. She also has her characters talking about issues and topics most other series eschew so I’m sticking around for now. I’m less taken with season three of Elementary despite the addition of John Noble.Thank goodness Heroes Reborn is a mere 13 episodes since it’s as messy and useless as the original series. Another opportunity missed, especially compared with the far more successful Agent Carter, Flash, and Arrow for points of comparison. Supergirl has started to be vastly entertaining but I wish the production values were richer; it looks like its shot on a shoestring. Also, the writing needs to be a lot stronger.Good Wife Season 7Our other tried and true series continue to entertain from Castle (although even this is starting to wear a little thin) to Nashville.Frankly, after teaching, grading, and planning all day, most days all I can muster is some entertainment and don’t ask a lot from most shows. I still want good writing and acting along with a variety of subject matter. For my money, right now, The Good Wife is still my number one favorite prime time series.Increasingly, though, I do see myself seeking out other approaches to storytelling, be it PBS, Netflix, or somewhere else. If anything, the variety of choice is better today than at any time in the past and for that I am grateful.

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