By Ymir, we got Some Snow

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The view from the front door Saturday morning.Winter finally arrived this week.Once we heard the dire predictions, Deb worked the internet to rearrange her travel, originally scheduled for Saturday. Thankfully, she found one last seat on a Thursday morning flight although that meant I took her to the airport at oh-dark-thirty. And of course, we had a powdering prelude that night so school opened two hours late.On the way home from school Thursday, I grabbed the last items I thought I would need to enjoy my weekend to myself. No, not milk and bread, although those aisles were pretty empty. With shovels by the front and back doors I was ready.A look after the first shovel event.Sure enough, Jonas arrived a little early Friday and didn’t leave until just before midnight last night. Over the course of about 30 hours, we got about 27 inches of fresh powder. Each time I needed to take Ginger out, it was preceded by me going out and digging out the steps and walk, creating a trench for her to use. She was not amused and it was a struggle, especially when she didn’t want to leave the warmth of the house.A look out the back door before I waded in to create a path to the garage.Digging for half an hour only to watch my work erased in a few hours was frustrating beyond belief. By 5 p.m. last night, our street had been plowed once creating enough of a furrow to let me and Ginger go wandering, which made her happier. In the distance, I could hear happy children noises as they packed the snow for sledding.This morning the sun is out and I await our street to be properly plowed. The alley behind us will also be cleared and this afternoon I will go unearth the driveway so I may eventually drive again. There’s more work to do, widening the front sidewalk and make sure the path is not too slippery but the worst is most certainly behind us.A look down the block.The electricity stayed on throughout, despite the wicked winds, so I worked. I actually got a ton of odds and ends for school done which made me happy. There was some debate about whether or not we should have been in class on Friday but our county followed the lead of the surrounding counties. Frankly, an early dismissal would have been fine. When will we reopen? The county has yet to make an announcement although veterans are betting we don’t go back to school until Wednesday.Should I be home two more days, I can slow down a bit and actually relax. It is lonely without Deb, though. She won’t get back until Thursday when things will have returned, I hope, to a new normal. 

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  1. By Ymir, we did get some snow!Hope the cleanup is too rough, and they get the roads paved near you soon. Lisa and I are going to take a walking expedition to the intersection near us, just to see if the gas station and 7-11 are open. (As a measure of civilization, not that we need to get anything, because we were smart and got everything for the snow. (We actually could use some stuff, but I’m not going to admit to that…))

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