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Work in ProgressThis week my peers at Owings Mills have reported back to work and the academic year is about to get underway. I’ll miss them and the students, especially the ones I had for three years running.It’s a weird feeling after three years of routine but I have reconciled myself to this new routine. I’ve been working hard, beating the bushes to line up work as a writer and editor. One of the nice things is that the client list is a little more diverse than my last stint at the home office, ranging from consulting to writing to editing. No one assignment will make me independently wealthy but it all helps.What’s interesting is that two back-to-back assignments has me writing for children, in the 6-11 range, which I have done just twice before. It forces me to think in different ways, from vocabulary choice to pacing to plot complexity.And after that, I shift gears for a more sophisticated adult audience, tackling a project that does have me excited.I  am also doing some local tutoring, putting my writing and teaching experience to good use. That should be an interesting new experience. I meet my first client next week.This has been a full summer thanks to two graduate classes, both of which are winding down this week but I also received the syllabus for the final course in this program. It’s a Satire and Comedy course so the material will be fun to wade through, but my, there’s a lot of it.Stay tuned.


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