The Veil Knights Debuts Today

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thecirclegathers-full-ebook-coverOne of the reasons I have been pushing for people to sign up for a newsletter is so when something major happens, you won’t miss the blog post. However, too few of you signed up keeping it a work in progress.As Steven Savile and I were winding down the final stages of our Sherlock Holmes book, he asked if I were feeling creative. It turns out, he’d been working with an entirely different collection of authors on a brand new property and they had a few open slots.When he said it had Arthurian overtones, I was sold. Deb and I have both been major King Arthur fans since our youth. In fact, one of my favorite college courses was Arthurian Literature. We’ve been working since the spring to create the world and its characters and today, we launch.The details are below in the formal press release but I want to say that I am honored to be included in an august body of authors. They are all new to me and I am still getting to know everyone involved but from what I have read so far, I know you’ll be entertained.We’rehoundofnight launching the first few books fast then going monthly until the final few volumes. I’m around book eleven in the mix, coming next summer. The manuscript is just over half done and will be finished before Christmas. This is a situation where I feel a need and a desire to raise my game and home it shows in the finished product.The first eBook is available now at Amazon for a limited time price of a mere 99 cents.More than anything, I want you to like the series and tell us (and your friends) if you do. We already have a presence on social media: a website, a Facebook page, and an email address.Arthurian Myth Meets Urban Fantasycloakoffury-2Twelve New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors – including Lilith Saintcrow, CJ Lyons, Joseph Nassise, Steven Savile, and Annie Bellet – have come together to create a modern reimagining of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table sure to please fans of urban fantasy and Arthurian legends alike!Launching in November 2016, the Veil Knights urban fantasy series will be published under the pseudonym Rowan Casey and will feature a new volume detailing the exploits of one of the knights every month through summer 2017, when season one of the series comes to its stunning conclusion.With more than ten million copies of their books in print around the world, the authors bringing this series to you include Lilith Saintcrow, CJ Lyons, Joseph Nassise, Steven Savile, Annie Bellet, Jon F. Merz, Pippa DaCosta, Robert Greenberger, William Meikle, Steve Lockley, Hank Schwaeble, and Nathan Meyer. Cover art by Lou Harper.Look for The Circle Gathers, book one of the Veil Knights series, coming November 22nd! 

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  1. Just ordered it. I was on your mailing list and haven’t recevied any notifications at all lately. (Since we got a bunch of emails marked test) actually

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