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One reason I have failed to write here with more regularity is that I have been busy. Not only am I coming up to speed on teaching in my new environment,  but I have been writing as time has permitted, tidying up old and existing projects.As a result, I thought it appropriate to update my Irons in the Fire:WritingCaptain America: The Never-Ending Battle has also come to feel like a never-ending project as I continue to make tweaks to the manuscript to accommodate last minute requests. I did complete proofreading the galleys over three days this week and as far as I know, it remains on schedule for a November 7 release.Unannounced Project #1 is something that has been kicking around since the summer. Saturday, I finished the first draft of about 24,000 words for the major text portion of the book. I have been researching images and related matters. Once I can discuss it, I look forward to chatting.Unannounced Project #2 is in the planning stages without deadlines, which I promised will be more lenient. It’s thematically related to the above and I have already started noodling on the research.Unannounced Project #3 is the final component and merely a notion in the back of my mind at present.Passion Project has been a frustrating experience. My agent has sent it out to thirty editors and so far, I have 20+ rejections, making me wonder if I am the only one who sees the merit in the content. With an outline, two samples chapters, and several interviews completed, I have begun wondering what to do if it goes unpurchased. Yes, self-publishing is an option but only if promised access to archival material is still granted.The editor for Eaglemoss’ line of Star Trek comic reprints has invited me to write introductions for several volumes. I have written four to date with another four in the pipeline.EditingValerie Mikles’ science fiction series The New Dawn is an ambitious cycle of books coming out in fairly quick fashion although she has been working on these for a decade or so. A year back, she hired me to edit her manuscripts and the first in the series, The Disappeared, arrived last month. The next two are coming fairly quickly and I just received books four and five to edit.I have also signed with Dynamite Entertainment to edit David Roach’s next three artist-centric books. We got along so well on his Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art that I couldn’t say no.Crazy 8 PressI’m putting the finishing touches on editing a new edition of Tales of the Crimson Keep, which will feature not only a new collaboration from all the members but a new story from our latest member, Mary Fan. Look for this, with a new cover from Ty Templeton, in the spring.After that, I should be writing my story for the They Keep Killing Glenn anthology. Peter and Kathleen David are editing this and there should be announcements later this month.The one casualty in all this is my ReDeus novel which needed a massive top to bottom outline revision and the new job and above assignments have derailed it for the nonce.

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