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I talked a bit about my writing and editing during the year.I also looked back at my reading. As I do every year, I track it through theGoodreads Reading Challenge. This year, I upped the number knowing that I wasswitching from comic books to collected editions, so I cautiously upped thenumber to 125 books. Well, with days to go, I hit 241 books, totally over47,600 pages. I should finish at least one in progress book if not two beforethe ball drops.

There were a few biographies, including Jane Leavy’swonderful Sandy Koufax: A Legend and A Lit Fuse, the Harlan Ellison bio,which seemed fitting in the wake of his passing.

Separating out the collected editions/graphic novels, I didmanage 49 books, both fiction and nonfiction. That’s pretty good. And asalways, I force myself to try new authors and this year that stared with, atKate’s recommendation, Tana French. I have her next one and hope to get to itthis coming year since I liked the first a lot. Another newcomer I liked wasJason Matthews and his Red Sparrow(which I read rather than see). Classics I finally got to this year include Flowers for Algernon, Anne of Green Gables,and Mrs. Dalloway. While I rarelyreread books, this year I did indulged in TheHobbit for myself and Lord of theFlies, which I had to teach for the first time.

Our school has a faculty book club and while I really didn’tlike Britt-Marie was Here, I feltequally as favorable towards The Hate UGive. We’ll be discussing the latter in the New Year and I look forward toit, since it may be a great choice as a One School read. The other was The Nix, which was good but nowhere nearas good as the reviewers said it was.

A few other highlights include Tom Hanks’ Uncommon Type, Laura Anne Gilman’s Red Waters Rising, and my pal David Mack’sThe Midnight Front (volume two isjust weeks away – oh boy).

Much as I have pushed myself to try new authors and genres,I did the same with my graphic consumption. I finally read Alison Bechdel’s Are you my Mother? and Fun Home, while also enjoying StevenSeagle’s Get Naked¸ and Jeff Lemire’sRoyal City trilogy. I’m trying tosample more Eisner-nominated and Year’s Best list works and appreciate thevibrancy of what’s available.

Without Ginger to walk, I see my prose pace has slowed a bitand I need to work on that in 2019 along with digging through some of the worksI’ve picked up over the last few weeks. There are, for example, three heftytomes just awaiting for summer break.

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