Holy Pub Date! It’s a Book!

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Word is that Amazon has begun delivering Batman: 100 Greatest Moments in advance of today’s publication. The review copies are out and I look forward to the commentary.

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I’ll say this: the book was a breeze to write and assemble compared with the other books. A large part of this has to do with my overall familiarity with the material, my previous books, and my affection for the character. Batman has benefited from the inspiration and contribution of some of the field’s greatest writers and artists, all of who seem to find an aspect of the character that speaks to them. Sometimes, he’s the Gotham Guardian, other times he’s the World’s Greatest Detective or the World’s Greatest Escape Artist. To many, he is the Caped Crusader, the crimefighter who has the best gadgets, and the determination never to be bested. Personally, I really enjoy the Grant Morrison model of Batman being the most prepared hero on Earth, always arriving with the proper tools and contingency plans. This model, arriving when he wrote JLA, makes him effective.

The process of reviewing eighty years of stories was a chance to be reminded of how flexible the concept has been, how he can adapt to the times, his stories reflecting the society. Frank Miller’s grim and gritty era now feels nostalgic as more global concerns affect the comic. The core titles — Batman and Detective — are now more integral to the continuity, placing him front and center in all the major events, no longer Denny O’Neil’s concept of the hero as merely an unseen urban legend.

I am delighted by the production values in the book, from the wonderful end papers to the new, larger size. By all means, check it out and let me know what you think.

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