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This has been a much needed week, a break from the high-pressured adjustment to teaching online and working with the students along the way.

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It’s Spring Break and I have been enjoying it immensely. Yes, I’m still doing my part to flatten the curve but I like being home at the desk. While I cannot entirely avoid my school responsibilities, I have curtailed them to checking email each morning. Starting yesterday, though, I have also devoted some time to the necessary planning for my classes as two are ready to start new works.

For the most part, the routine has been the same. Since Deb is not off, we get up at the same time and I am taking Harley for a nice long walk, listening to an audiobook. Today, I finished Lauren Groff’s Florida, which I found very disappointing.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, once the universe learned my next 100 Greatest Moments book had been delayed on the schedule, it saw to it this week would not be devoid of fun work. Much of the week has been spent reading, researching, and writing up something for a project that will be formally announced on Tuesday. I’ll be polishing and submitting it later today.


I am also at the contract stage for another writing project, something that dropped into my lap about two weeks ago. It required me reading two works before I knew I could commit and once that was completed, I decided to give it a shot. Once things are signed and I am given the clearance, I look forward to talking about this.

There has also been time devoted to final proofreading of The Flash: 100 Greatest Moments and I am working through the proofreading of The Art of Luis Garcia, which I edited for Dynamite.

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Part of the break has also seen me helping promote the just-released Zlonk! Zok! Zowie!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman ’66 – Season One, edited by Jim Beard and containing an essay from me. My Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021 authors have also been at work, reaching out to me for guidance or pitching ideas. So, that’s nicely perking along long before my schedule needs it.

I’ve also tried to carve out time for catching up on television Deb doesn’t want to watch and that has been intermittently successful. I keep trying to finish the current season of Doctor Who but the fates are keeping me from it. On the other hand, I have successfully sat down every day with a book, trying to make a dent in the growing TBR pile (print, digital, audio combined) and that feels luxurious.

The plan was originally to be in Florida with my mom this week, but that obviously had to be postponed for some other time. I think, though, I have made the most of my being here and it feels good.

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