What’s a Final Frontiersmen?

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Well, me.And yes, it’s a Star Trek reference. As many know, I have enjoyed the series since the 1960s and it has been a key part of my life.However, the specific term originated with an old friend, Mike Flynn, when he invited me to share his Rotisserie Baseball team with me. Mike helped found one league, which foundered and then quickly joined the team, founded by Bob Rozakis, that rose from its ashes. Anyway, the Federal League is still around, with no one from the initial line-up still involved. Mike, who had been DC’s PR man for a while, was prepping to move to Seattle, with his lovely wife Liz.Expressing interest in the League and the world of fantasy baseball, Mike invited me to share his team during his final year in New York and then take it over uponhis departure. This was back in the 1980s, long before being part of a League was easy thanks to cyberspace and high speed internet connections. So anyway, Mike says it needs a new name and we brainstormed a few until he suggested the Final Frontiersmen. And the name has stuck ever since.I’m still having fun with the League. Finished in second place last year and am duking it out for first as I type. There’s about 1.5 points between me and the guy who has finished first the last few years. With our trading deadline matching Major League Baseball’s this week’s moves could spell the difference between finally taking first…or not.

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