It’s STILL the Economy, Stpuid

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32,000 jobs were created last month. Sounds like good news, right? Not if you

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  1. Did you happen to catch the UNITY convention speech yesterday on C-SPAN? That was almost painful to watch. The look on the faces of those poor folks said it all.

  2. Bush spoke at the annual UNITY convention on Friday before leaving for his nephew’s wedding in Maine, which was yesterday. UNITY is an organization of ethnic journalists. Since minorities are not exactly Dubya’s target audience, he met with a chilly reception. C-SPAN broadcast the whole thing twice. A member of the audience began to heckle as Bush started talking about matters of church and state. This guy was really furious, and he was promptly escorted off. The question and answer session that followed the speech featured four reporters of Native American, Asian, Hispanic, and African-American descent, respectively. Things became tense for Bush near the end, and he jumped on the defensive. He was questioned about quotas and legacy issues in college admissions, and replied something about “having had to knock on a lot of doors to follow in the old man’s footsteps.” It was just sad and depressing to watch for anyone who is against this guy.You can find an article about the speech at the UNITY website:

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