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OK, the weekend started out cool and gloomy as noted in previous posts. The plays certainly brightened things.We also did another two rounds of shopping with Kate, getting her ready for college. We reviewed the mundane (toothpaste) to essential (a really good surge protector). By the time we got to the staplers, she was seriously glazed over. “You mean there are colored staples now?” she exclaimed as she tried to make a wise choice between size, shape and durability.While she and Deb were out buying even more stuff, I chose to remain behind. Mainly because the laundry needed attention and also to get back to an original fantasy outline. With nothing under contract for the first time in at least two years, I need to get back into the proposal business. A short story continues to formulate in my head but needs a satisfactory ending so while that compiles, I’m back to a proposal that hasn’t been visited in about two years (coincidence? conspiracy?).When Pocket Books was in the original science fiction and fantasy business, editor John Ordover solicited me for an idea. Within a few weeks, said idea developed and was presented. Interestingly, at much the same time, Keith DeCandido also presented them with a notion. Both were fantasies, both set in other places and times yet both used modern day elements. At one point we debated whether or not this would be a good thing for Pocket to market together or not.Anyway, time passed. Keith, far swifter at this sort of thing, got his Dragon Precinct approved and contracted. It just came out last month and is well recommended.John and his publisher said they liked my basic idea but wanted it inverted. A modern day, real world story with fantasy elements. I began reworking the idea, needing to entirely reinvent the story. By then, I was between jobs and was taking long walks with the puppy each day. While on these two-miles treks, the story slowly was reborn. And I began writing it up.Then DC rehired me and the story remained undone. Until now. Yesterday I managed to finish the outline. I know it needs more work and some additional story elements but it’s coming together and feeling good. On the other hand, Pocket has since gone out of the original science fiction and fantasy business (again) so I need to peddle it elsewhere…something I am unused to.Fortunately, WorldCon is coming this Labor Day weekend and I will be there. Also fortunately, one editor at another company has already expressed a willingness to see the proposal when its ready. This is all a bit new to me and I’m very cautiously optimistic it will be good enough to find a home.

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  1. Wow. Good luck on the proposal. It sounds like a novel I’d want to read.I’ve bought KRAD’s novel, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

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