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There are times I am amazed at how fast news travels. When I first posted, a mere few weeks back, I happily told a circle of firends I share a mailing list with. But, from there, it grew. Mark Evanier directed people my way, someone at the DC Comics message boards also announced its arrival and so on. Before I knew it, I was receiving e-mails and calls from people who made sure to mention that they had seen it. One benefit was it reconnected me with my old pal Diane Duane, who has, to my surprise, added me to her list of blog links.So my original goal of staying connected with people between publishing appearances, seems to be working.On the other hand, I am also reminded that these are not private notes and discussions with my pals. Anyone can type in the address and see what’s on my mind. Yesterday I got some opinions and support for my frustration with Cablevision. However, had that been me bitching publicly about my job, DC would have every right to be pissed at me.I’m reminded of all this by this interesting article in The Washington Post about Jessica Cutler. As portrayed here, she posted thinking only her gal pals would be reading about her sexual exploits on Capitol Hill. Instead, others found it and shared the link and suddenly she was fired. This unwanted celebrity has resulted in her posing for (who else) Playboy and a book contract. Still, there are other examples in the piece to remind us of the responsibility and yes, even risk, that comes with posting.

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  1. The whole concept of the Internet being a public bulletin board is one that Nomi and I are very familiar with. I’ve seen stories of people getting fired because they made public complaints about their job and/or employer. These people are also often shocked to discover that a public posting place is actually read by people outside of their little circle of friends. Personally, I just can’t understand what they were thinking.

  2. Yo Bob!!
    Hope you actually read your own comments…
    I’m one of the ones directed your way via Mark Evanier’s blog (not sure how I got onto his, maybe CBR??)
    Dunno if you’d remember me, but we worked together very briefly at, whom I continued to work for until about March of this year. (I worked in the Editorial Department on the 4th floor and was officially known as the Listings Editor.)
    I also moved to L.A. in 2002 and currently work in the Content Department for, which a couple of comic book fans work here so we have quite a bunch of fun fan films and stuff. We’re putting up a special page for it sometime this week or next.
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Glad to see your doing well and busy with book projects.

  3. Hi Mike,I do remember you indeed. I’m impressed anyone lasted through March considering how much downsizing the company endured since 2001. I actually got out just in time since I found out I would have been among the first wave to be let go. The site had tons of potential that was never realized.Glad to see you bounced back. As you may recall, I headed up thge Screaming Streaming page and many of the nominated films were from iFilm. It’s still a fine site so I hope you do well with it.

  4. I’m sorry, my sympathy for people who blog about work specifics (rather than generalities like “gosh this day is long” or “wow, I have a lot of work to get through”) is extremely low. You’d think that along with a 9to5 job would come a little common sense…

  5. I think nobody was as surprised at Gist lasting so long as was those of us who were lucky enough to still work there. I think it might still exist in some form since their business site is still up. Gist was a great site, just had trouble monetizing it’s content.
    Yeah, I remember the Screaming Streaming videos, but didn’t realize we linked to IFILM so much. IFILM rocks (and I’m not just saying that because of the subject of this post). Our version of Screaming Streaming, you could say, is called Viral Videos.

  6. I’ve been stopping by fairly regularly in the last two or three weeksand was surprised to see my name mentioned in connection with the Rift. It did the heart good to see someone remembered me. I’ve also linked you to my blog as well, if you don’t mind.

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