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In case anyone’s interested, today is the street date for You Did What? : Mad Plans and Great Historical Disasters . Edited by my old pal Bill Fawcett, it contains essays on disastrous decisions that probably made sense at the time. I have three essays in the book including the New Coke, the David Begelman scandal at Columbia Pictures, and the Iranian Hostage Rescue disaster. I’m joined in the book by a variety of people including colleagues Paul Kupperberg, Laura Ann Gilman, Keith DeCandido and Brian M. Thomsen. I’m getting my sole contributor’s copy in a day or so and look forward to seeing how it all came together.Also, I just got my page proofs for the Godzilla book from Rosen. At 6000 words, it’s my shortest book for them, but the one that needs the most attention. The filmography runs over twice the allotted space given how many features the big guy’s starred in. Also, the copy editor seems confused by the differing timelines employed by the film series, which I discuss in chapter three, so I need to be clearer. At least the pictures are fun. I’m also amused by the captions someone added as placeholders. The one under a picutre from the 1998 Tri-Star disastrous version of the legend read, “1998 Version that Sucks,” which more or less sums it up.

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