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The Greenberger family will be away from home from Thursday through Tuesday. It’s a final fling with the four of us before the dynamic permanently changes as Kate heads off to be a freshman.Deb had been hoarding the frequent flyer miles, just in case we needed them for Kate’s college of choice. Since Washington D.C. is more easily reached by Amtrak than airline, we had lots of mileage so it was time to splurge. She’s always wanted us to go south, giving the kids a Caribbean vacation. However, based on the flights available, we’ll be in Cancun.Not too shabby, eh? We’re at an all-inclusive resort that has received some terrific notices at on-line hotel review sites. Not only do we have the run of the resort, but it shares reciprocal visiting rights with other places nearby, expanding our range of options. For the kids, this means access to the disco that has received good notices for the teens.We could all use the break, especially since otherwise we wouldn’t have had any real vacation time together. Normally, during the last handful of summers, we’d pile in the car and go traveling. Despite the long hours, the kids really enjoyed our visits to Williamsburgh and Montreal among other locales. Not flying and dealing with those added complications have worked out for the best and we’ve had some terrific memories as a result.It’ll be nice, especially since it means I get to read and relax and unwind. But, it also means I won’t be here to post. Fortunately, I stockpiled a few thoughts to share which our humble housemaster Glenn will post over the next few days.I’ll be back on Wednesday with a happy recap.

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  2. Hi Bob, just wanted to wish you a great vacation, hope it’s exactly what you and your family need. Have fun!

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