Moving Day

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It was not at all a relaxed weekend.A mere four days after returning from a wonderful, relaxed vacation, the dreaded day finally came.We were up at 5 a.m. and on the road at 5:47 since Kate had a check-in time of Noon. Since there was no knowing what construction or other traffic delaysmight creep up, we had to make sure there was plenty of time.Turns out, we sailed without interruption. Even with a quick stop for breakfast, we were on the other side of Baltimore at 9:45. This necessitated a longer stop to kill time and even with that, we arrived in front of Lafayette Hall at 11:30. They had it very well organized so we were given 15 minutes to unload and were then given directions to a parking garage where had three hours free. The unloading took all of three minutes. The wait then began since the building has a tiny elevator, barely big enough for four people. With her on the 5th floor, there was little we could carry up the stairs easily.Finally, our turn arrived and began moving her in. Her room is a double, small by anyone

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