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Where was I? Ah yes, the parties.Each night the parties are pretty much the same. You work your way up to the 12th floor and then wander the floor, stoopping at parties of interest and then take the stairs down a floor until you find yourself on 7. Repeat.The Liaden Party, celebrating the nifty Sharon Lee and Steve Miller books, was particularly nice to visit, especially as I ran into David, Deb’s ex-coworker, reading aloud one of the books in fluent Russian. The George RR Martin party, celebrating his current fantasy series, has gained repute as being particularly fun, but I was unimpressed. The suite has a different theme each night and has been packed. Saturday night was a book party for Laura Ann Gilman and Keith DeCandido, with Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters (liquor and dry ice) or scotch. It was terrific since many pals lingered and chatted for hours. For two nights running, I was enchanted by the Rhode Island Science Fiction Club’s small party. Taking their island name to heart, they did a paradise theme, handing out lays and decorating with palm trees. Several of the members take hula lessons from another member, and every 15 minutes or so, they performed two numbers, One, a traditional Hawaiian hula and then a more solemn one, choreographed to Annie Lennox’s lovely “Into the West” from Return of the King. Twas fun.As for the con itself, Saturday was a good day. I had, of course, a packed room for the Trailer Park presentation. I showed material on 23 movies with the greatest response given to Shaun of the Dead and Team America, Everyone got excited by the Hitchhiker’s teaser as well as the Batman Begins trailer.We also had a good turn out for the all-too-short Memorial to Julie Schwartz. At the event, I saw long time letter hack Guy H. Lillian III, whom I haven’t seen in a long time.My kaffeeklatsch was ok, with two legitmate fans signed up as well as my roomies Michael & Nomi Burstein.Saturday night was spent dining at a spectacular steak house, Abe & Louis’s, invited to join the gang by Arwen Rosenbaum. Afterwards, it was more partying.Sunday started with a Star Trek panel that was pretty good although Jacquelin Lichtenberg had one theme and hammered it for an hour. I did get to meet a NASA scientist on the panel, who chose his career, inspired by the series.I then met with superb agent Lucienne Diver, for a catch up conversation since I never see her. Did some browsing, some shopping, some reading and tghen had a late lunch with Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, friends I see way too infrequently, We had such a good time, I was late for Esther Freisner’s special event. She and her husband Walter renewed their vows for their 20th anniversary, in a ceremony overseen by Rabbi David Honigsberg. The chuppah was 20 fabric squares made by 20 friends and very unique. Among the attendees were Harry Trurtledove and Terry Pratchett among many of our NYC pals.No one showed up for my 6 pm reading (except Michael and Nomi who are as loyal friends as a guy could ask for) so I’m blogging and getting ready to see the Masquerade and a final round of parties.Aside: the Mets lost again, eight in a row and can’t seem to do anything with their veterans or rookies, It’s way too frustrating to talk about.

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