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It’s the first weekend at my desk in about a month which feels very weird. Normally, I’m done here either one or both days for a few hours each. Deb has complained that over the last few years I’d do the errands and then vanish down there all weekend. She has a point and I’m trying to be better. Still, it’s amazing how many things, both big and small, needed tending to. Almost done.One of the things I unearthed was the latest issue of Star Trek Communicator, the official magazine of the Fan Club. Kevin Dilmore kindly sent me three copies and they immediately went to the desktop for processing and then more stuff wound up atop them. In issue #152, there’s a very nice, well balanced feature on the A Time To… series of books. The timing could be better because each duology has been better received than its predecessor and the grand finale is about to be released. While most of the Star Trek crossover novel series have received mixed reviews, this one seems to have the best received. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

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