And the Emmy Goes to…

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These days, people look at William Shatner as a joke. He

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  1. Maybe it’s just from having lived in Boston, but whenever I hear “Boston Legal”, I keep wondering why David Kelley is doing a series about a seafood restaurant. 🙂

  2. A few years ago, I read Shatner’s book GET A LIFE about the Star Trek phenomenon, and I gained a lot of respect for him. He basically decided to try to figure out why this show had become the cultural touchstone it has, and he finally came to understand what the rest of us saw in it. In a way, he has come to realize that he was a caretaker for a very special role.

  3. Unfortunately, the horror that is the Shatner version of “Mr. Tamborine Man” has a way of overshadowing almost all other endevours of his.

  4. Many people would aspire to be the “joke” that William Shatner has become. I know I would. I’ve found Mr. Shatner entertaining on so many levels. My highlight was one of his appearances on the Howard Stern Show when a female wack pack member (can’t remember her name but she is really wacky and over 50 yet claims she is 28) wanted to meet him and wanted to give him a kiss. He would not let her near him but stuck out his index finger for her to kiss. Too funny.

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