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Deb has decided we need to see Katie sooner than our planned trip on October 22. Like now. She called me with this notion on Wednesday and I am pretty pleased with how quickly I managed the course correction. We had already started buying the stuff she had asked for — canned drinks and packaged goods — so last night we finished that up, gathered odds and ends from her room, packed our own things, programmed the VCR and were ready to roll. We could have left at 9:30 last night, so I feel good about this from an organizational standpoint.We save money on the hotel room, Kate gets restocked sooner than expected…overall this is turning into a good thing.While Deb works from home this morning (lucky devil), I’m here with a busy 3/4 day. Have that aforementioned editorial meeting at noon then three departmental meetings from 1:15 to 3:00 and then I hightail it over to Penn Station. I’ll grab Jersey Transit to Metro Park where Deb will collect me. From there we fight rush hour through the Jersey Turnpike (a road that bores me to tears). Kate has already asked her floormates to be around at 10 tonight to meet us. To me, this means we have extra hands to unload the car. In anticipation, I did stop at a farm stand and buy 4 dozen cider donuts as a floor treat.Meantime, I’m working away on various projects. One is still developing and I’m getting excited about it; mainly because I’m working with an interesting cross-section of our freelance community. Earier I had recevied a contribution from my old pal Mark Waid and this morning I got one from Shelly Moldoff. In between, I also had a nice chat with Jerry Robinson, a man I have yet to meet, but whose work I have enjoyed throughout the years. It’s times like this, I truly love what I do.

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  1. It may seem like it’s too soon to visit with your daughter – but, from experience, I can tell you that you can get homesick pretty fast once you move away to college. Good for you guys that you are able to get away to see her.

  2. The mind positively boggles at the contemplation of a project that includes work by Mark Waid, Sheldon Moldoff [i]and[/i] Jerry Robinson.Paul

  3. Had the pleasure of meeting and talking a bit with Mr. Robinson and his son after this year’s Eisners. Seemed a nice, still very sharp, guy.

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