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A project I did research on a short while back seems closer to fruition. Met with my editor today and we hammered out some details and I get started on the first phase this weekend. Stay tuned for announcements.Additionally, I finally got feedback on my story for the Star Trek: Voyager anthology and have some tweaks to make. After dicussing it with Marco, though, it has the chance of being even stronger, which is always a good thing.At DC, we got in the first handbound samples of Batman: Cover to Cover and the reaction up and down the floors has been uniformly positive. I’m thrilled with it and we all have something to be proud of. With luck, you’ll all buy copies for yourselves. Some bookstores intended to push this as a Father’s Day gift item and I could easily see that.

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  1. Hi, Mr. G. Long-time lurker, first-time poster.That Batman Cover book, while likely out of my price range, sounds very nifty. Maybe it’ll go on the want list, should I ever make one.Fell like I’m doing a drive-by, but: I actually wanted to ask your opinion on something relating to balancing careers as an editor and a writer. If you’ve got the time to answer a single but broad question, please email me.

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