One thought on “Remembering Will

  1. The memorial services hosted by DC have been one of the classiest gestures on the part of the company over the years. I know of almost no other organization in any industry I am familiar with that is willing to host such events at all, let alone on company time. When I worked there, I felt priveleged to attend a couple of these services for legendary figures I had never known on a professional basis, only as a fan boy. However, I think I need to correct you on one fact. I remember the memorial service for Carol Kalish quite well, as we had been friends prior to my joining the comics industry. Carol died in 1991, which was several years before the Marvel bancruptcy. (I know because I worked for Malibu, which Marvel bought pre-bancruptcy, in 1994.) As far as I recall, this sad event was in fact either hosted by Marvel or at the very least by then Marvel president Terry Stewart , who presided over the occasion. Many DC employees attended, of course, as did a number of Carol’s associates from all walks of life, but I do not believe that DC actually hosted it.

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