Distant Shores

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While gathering my thoughts, I thought I’d share with you the just announced contents of the tenth anniversary Star Trek: Voyager anthology, Distant Shores, coming in November.”Da Capo al Fine” written by Heather Jarman”Command Code” written by Robert Greenberger”Winds of Change” written by Kim Sheard”Talent Night” written by Jeffrey Lang”Letting Go” written by Keith R.A. DeCandido”Closure” written by James Swallow”Isabo’s Shirt” written by Kirsten Beyer”The Secret Heart of Zolaluz” written by Robert T. Jeschonek”Brief Candle” written by Christopher L. Bennett”Eighteen Minutes” written by Terri Osborne”Or the Tiger” written by Geoffrey Thorne”Bottomless” written by Ilsa J. BickThe stories are presented in chronological order and I’m told Heather’s piece is actually a framing device, so I get the first story slot. Since the story is set between the first and second episodes, it doesn’t get much earlier.I’m pleased to be with many friends, and others whose work I’ve come to respect and one or two I have yet to meet. Should be worth your while.

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