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It’s been a crazy busy week both at work and at home so sorry for the lack of commentary. I do have some thought s to share will likely have stuff tonight or tomorrow.Meantime, in our second to last thrilling installment I mentioned how I wound up being interviewed for the local newspaper about tonight’s final curtain for Star Trek: Enterprise. Well, the photographer came by on Wednesday and this morning, there I am, on page 1. Oddly, they think this is page one material. At least I’m below the fold, while the state’s first execution in decades made the top headline. Have to keep our priorities straight. For those interested, the Connecticut Post has it on line as well. Not a bad piece although some of my better comments were left on the reporter’s notepad.

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  1. I just checked out the article, Bob. You’re as erudite as ever (although I recognized some of the parts that the WASHINGTON POST “contributed”).But the photo cap is priceless:”Author Robert Greenberger, who has written several ‘Star Trek’ books, sits in front of his science fiction collection in his Fairfield home this week.”I’m curious: Where else in your home have you been sitting this week, and is there a link to any media coverage of it?

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