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One of the frustrations about blogging is that I want to talk about stuff I’m working on at DC, but have to abide by Marketing’s decision as to when things can be announced. Fortunately, yesterday’s DCU Panel at WizardWorld Philly told the world about Showcase Presents.Please check out the interview Jen Contino prepared in advance over at The Pulse.Spent the weekend working at the BEA show, which is a BooK Expo and I’ll talk about that later.

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  1. It’s always great to see new reprint formats, especially when they’re so affordable!A question on another reprint program: Will the new DC logo be appearing on the Archives lines, or will they keep the old one for consistency’s sake?

  2. In case you ever check these… :-)Standard nosy fan questions, here…#1 When you guys are getting the old anthology books (i.e., Action, Adventure, Detective, etc.) ready for Archives production, do you just focus on the feature at hand (i.e., Superman, Sandman, Batman, etc.) or do you go ahead and take care of the whole book?It would be great if these Showcase reprints could also cover full reprints of the original Golden Age anthologies. Gives us fans of the original Dr. Mid-Nite, Johnny Quick and the like a chance to actually read some of their old stories, since I doubt they’re up for an Archives anytime soon. Just curious how realistic a hope that is.#2 Is there any pipeline to suggest future volumes? Since Identity Crisis, Villains Unlimited, etc. all owe a lot to old books like Secret Society of Super Villains, Suicide Squad, etc., it would be fun to see volumes of those series released to tie into the current crop of crossovers.

  3. I’m thrilled to see this new line of trades. As a kid (1970s), I loved reading those old DC comics, especially Action and Superman. Now as an adult, I’d love to own them, yet can’t bring myself to spend the kind of money I’d need to.I really hope DC sticks with these plans and commits to this project. They have so much great material to offer in this format. I buy some of the Marvel Essentials line but it’s not as much as I’d buy from DC.I also appreciate that the Showcase line seems to be geared more towards the Silver Age. Not knocking Golden Age books, but I’m much more a fan of the Silver Age and forward books.

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