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Ambition can be easily derailed. I had set aside plenty of time this weekend to dig into theCool Careers Without College project. Instead, I’ve been moving in slow motion.Last Sunday I woke up with a cough which turned into a cold which lingered all week. I managed to work through it until Friday morning when, at 2 a.m., I awoke in pain. My left ear rang loudly and hurt quite a bit. It finally passed sometime later and I managed some sleep. I took the day off so I could see the doctor. You could tell I was sick, which was the day the DC staff was shown Batman Begins (yes, I missed it, don’t know how it is and will see it in the next week or two). And it turns out I have massive ear infection caused by a sinus problem, which triggered the cough and cold days earlier.So, I’m taking all sorts of large, white pills to treat the pain (which is now gone) and the sinus problem. Still feel very sluggish, easily distracted and not entirely with it. Therefore, all my grandiose plans have sort of been dramatically reduced.(And I’m not the only one on the DL. Deb is still healing from her foot surgery and Kate either fractured or strained her foot after a fall on Friday.)Still, on Friday I did complete a draft outline for a proposed media tie-in novel. It’s currently with Kate for a read-through before it goes anywhere else. I also completed another chunk of a minor project I’m doing for Pocket that hasn’t been announced yet so can’t discuss. On Saturday I researched and wrote a bit for the next chunk but by 2:30 was done for the day.Today we’ll see what I can manage on researching the Organizing project. A large number of readers here sent me notes with suggestions or offers of help and they are massively appreciated. Should make the process easier or just a tad more fun.Meantime, I’ve watched lots of video. Finished the second season of The L Word which wasn’t as interesting as the first season. Some of the character arcs were fun to watch but I’m finding a lot of the characters not terribly deep. Carmen, the newest addition, seems nice enough but we don’t know what sort of person she really is. And the season’s villain, Helena Peabody, and that’s what she was, seemed undercut out of the blue in the final ep. And what the heck is going on with Jenny? They’re all over the place with her which is more distracting than dramatic. On the other hand, I’m also working my way through the second season of The West Wing on DVD and find the characters utterly fascinating, even with repeat viewings. I still want to be Aaron Sorkin when I grow up (minus the drug abuse, of course).And now, back to research mode.

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  1. Hello Mr. Greenberger,I promised I’d e-mail you this week about the inker known as “Bit”, but since you’re not feeling well, I don’t think you’ve had time to ask around at DC Comics’ editorial offices. I hope you do get better real soon. You can try to find out who “Bit” is when you’ve recovered from your present illness. Just please get back to me if or when you have found out who “Bit” really is. I can be reached at this e-mail address: mckinnon1953@hotmail.comYours truly,John A. McKinnon

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