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THE NAKED TRUTHA buddy here at DC is getting married and his best man decided the bachelor party should be on Wednesday, during lunch, at the local strip club, Flash Dancers. Flash Dancers is noteworthy because it’s the one David Letterman talks about every now and then since it’s diagonally across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Next door is San Leone Pizza, a very good NY pizza parlor, but everyone knows it as Naked Pizza, thanks to Letterman’s comments over the years.Anyway, about a dozen of us trooped over there the other day and I have to admit, I was kind of looking forward to the group experience. It was guys and girls, it was certainly a different way to spend my lunch hour and I like the guy getting married. Oh yeah, and it’s been a while since I had been to a strip club of any kind.The anticipation was more interesting than the floor show. The women on stage, dancing at the bar or working the room couldn’t have been more bored and disinterested. They barely moved let alone dance in time to the music, which, by the way, was about 20 years out of date. The most current tune I heard was “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Here was a group of paying customers and the dancers barely made eye contact.Interestingly, two or three of them were engaging enough to command our attention and dollar bills. Our host, the best man, seemed to know most of them well enough that they recognized him which tells me more than I need to know about his spare time. While it was fun chatting with my colleagues in a relaxed setting, I couldn’t have been less interested in the scenery, which I admit proved disappointing.THE WORK WEEKBeen a very busy week now that the 2006 collected editions planning meeting was held. It was a successful meeting and personally, I was pleased that a number of projects I championed and was interested in producing got approved. Now we had to start finalizing contents, divvying the work among the four of us and roughing out a schedule. Atop that, a few more projects got tossed on to the 2005 schedule so they had to be started.Another project of mine, Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths is currently being designed and it’s fun seeing all that black and white type be given life thanks to graphics and color. The designer, Louis Prandi, is also enjoying himself and we like the challenge of starting with a 96 page volume and figuring out how to maximize the space.THE HOME LIFEKate’s foot has proven to be sprained not fractured but she’s hobbling around Washington on crutches anyway. Of course, that interferes with some of her work at the Bistro but she’s managing.The ear infection that arrived last Friday remains stubborn and won’t go away so getting things done without distraction is a daily challenge. Although, I have begun work on the Organizing book, doing more research and reaching out to people to provide personal insights.Also found time one night to sit with Robbie and prep for Shore Leave’s annual Mystery Trekkie Theatre. We watched the episode du jour and took notes. Our first gathering of Peter David, Mike Friedman and yours truly will occur in another week or so and that’s always a blast.And of course, that means Shore Leave is around the corner and I’m looking forward to seeing friends new and old. (Deb is looking forward to the giveaways threatening to take over the basement being gone.)

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  1. If your colleague is who I think it is, I’m a little surprised that his best man would consider a strip club an appropriate venue for a co-ed bachelor party… didn’t he care whether the women would be uncomfortable?

  2. Actually, Elayne, the women were more than comfortable there. One was telling me a story of the first time she bought herself a lap dance…

  3. Hey, Bob. I have been seeing some information floating around the web that DC is looking for a new editor for Collected Books. Does that mean that someone left the staff, or has this heavy workload you’ve been discussing warranted a new position?

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