They Wuz Robbed

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In general, I have no problems with the people who were nominated for Emmy Awards. In fact, I was pleased to see newer shows and performers get nods, especially House since all the attention has been focused on Desperate Housewives and Lost.I did look at the list and scratch my head at Stockard Channing, who had nothing to do this season, getting another nod.However, once more the Emmy people overlooked anything of value on the WB and UPN, refusing to acknowledge them as legitimate networks. There’s no other reason why Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop were ignored for their superaltive work this past season on Gilmore Girls. This was not only a turnaround season for the series creatively, but both women let their characters, grow and develop and we watched them struggle with serious heartache as well as joyous times. It’s a terrific ensemble overall (and something should be done to recognize Scott Patterson’s work, too) but virtually ignored.

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