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Since I didn’t get to attend the San Diego Con, I managed to accomplish some stuff at home. I’m eight chapters in on the Organizing book, five to go so I think I’ll be fine on the deadline. Got some stuff done on a new spec project that is just getting started. Didn’t work on the sample chapter for another spec project as I had hoped. Did get some stuff done around the house so all in all, I didn’t waste my time.And to fight the heat and humidity, I went – where else? – to the movies.Saturday night, Deb and I finally caught Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In many ways it was a companion film to True Lies, with an almost scary look at domesticity. As the tension rose, the current film made domestic life seem down right deadly. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were terrific; they have undeniable chemistry and were well matched for the film. We both enjoyed it but both wanted more from it, perhaps a little deeper characterization or backstory. Speaking of backstory, I gather the DVD will include scenes that are clearly missing such as who assigned Adam Brody the initial decoy mission; why is he always behind closed doors. In the trailers we saw someone say, “It’s the Smiths, send everybody.” I figured out, from that, the plot involved them figuring out they were set up and they exacted revenge on the speaker. We didn’t get that storyline. It sort of ended prematurely although the final scene with the therapist was sweet. (And Peter David is right: Jolie should be Modesty Blaise and that movie needs making…now.Sunday afternoon, Robbie and I treated ourselves to Fantastic Four. I’m not like some who refuse to see the movie because it veered away from the Lee-Kirby origin. OK, so Doom went along for the ride and also got powers. From a Hollywood standpoint, I can see why they do that. However, the relationships between Doom, Reed and Sue are awfully thin and clichéd. In fact, much of the film felt thin with uninspired directing and set design. Reed was not the polysynonimous egghead he should have been in contract to Von Doom’s equally brilliant but ego-driven counterpart. There just weren’t enough variations in the characters to bring either to full life. Johnny translated the best followed by Ben. But, Tim Story’s direction and the script gave us a lot of shouting without much rationale behind it. And the set piece on the Bridge just didn’t ring true to me. It was certainly a better movie than the Hulk and Robbie’s right that it was a better adaptation that Daredevil but this could have been great – it fell shorter than it should have.

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  1. hmm…I saw FF today as well, and frankly found it just awesome! Was it a great movie? No..was it a vastly and continuously entertaining movie? Super yep. From start to finish, I was rivitted.

  2. I saw FF yesterday, and thought it was pretty good. I thought they took too long to get to the powers (oddly, a complaint I didn’t have about BATMAN BEGINS, which took longer to get to the costumes), but overall I thought the characters translated fairly well and I liked that the film was light, but still had serious action and pathos in the form of Ben. I thought it did the early Lee-Kirby stuff fairly proud.That said, I’m hoping that this film is the X-MEN to the eventual FANTASTIC FOUR 2’s X2: X-MEN UNITED. Both X-MEN and FF were, by necessity, heavy on set-up. The set-up’s out of the way now, and the way is clear for a really kick-butt FF2, just as X2 kicked X-MEN’s butt.

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