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After flirting with politics for a while, I accepted the opportunity to sample elected office by filling out the term on our Representative Town Meeting. I’ve attended the monthly meetings since March, served on the Finance Committee and gotten a mere taste of what it’s all about.In my four meetings we tackled the budget and wrapped up some old business so I’ve been playing some catch up. I am still not entirely certain what we, the legislative body, are capable of doing to improve things in town.Well, I’m going to find out.Last night I officially became a candidate for a full term, running in the November election.District 8 runs a full slate of five candidates, four of whom are incumbents. One serves as chair of the Democratic Town Committee and another is Majority Leader on the RTM so I’m in veteran company.The challenge of running, and the possible fun involved, has been blunted a bit by our opponents. It seems the Republicans in town are having a wee bit of trouble finding full slates of candidates to run in our ten districts and, going into their own caucus Tuesday night, had no one (zero, zip, nada) running against us. So, our campaigning will be a little lighter and speaks to the strength of the people running I suppose.Our Democratic Caucus last night was a good learning experience. While not my first, I’m more aware this time than two years ago. Heck, I even stood and seconded a nomination in perhaps the briefest speech of the night. Which reminds me, people who do first and second nominations for a candidate really need to coordinate their efforts so we don’t get the same laundry list of accm0plioshments again and again. I could have gone home at least 45 minutes earlier had people been briefer and repetition was removed.In many positions, we had the exact number of candidates as were eligible and to save time, I would have had them lumped together, unanimously nominated seconded, and approved by acclimation. That would have left us with just three or four spots requiring any balloting (selecting two from a field of three, for example).I know the caucus is the kickoff to the campaign and it’s a chance for the party faithful to get revved up for the campaign season (which really gets underway in earnest after Labor Day), but I have little patience for belaboring the obvious and wasting time. At least they supplied us with cookies and coffee to keep us awake during the three-plus hour ordeal.My political career has begun. You have been warned.

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  1. Best of luck, Bob.And remember: if Bruno Gianelli contacts you about managing your campaign, give him a staff and a car, but don’t give him direct access to you. Make him go through Leo.

  2. If I lived wherever it is you live, you’d have my vote! Good luck!My mom was on our town’s city council my teenage years, which was all Republican and ran mostly unopposed ‘cept for some token Dems throwing their hat in.

  3. Remember to send one of your fundraising mailers my way.Also, let me know when you’re ready for a political consultant. It’s what my cousin Jack does.

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