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Every morning I climb onto the 6:40 a.m. train into Manhattan with a cup of coffee and USA Today. I start with Sports and work my way through the sections.Imagine my surprise getting to today’s Weekend section and finding a cover image of my DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories Ever Told staring at me. The collection went on sale last week and, judging from the reactions on the Message Boards, it’s a hit. I certainly enjoyed putting it together, from the new Brian Bolland cover to the final story, a personal favorite from my childhood.Here’s the brief write up:DC compiles best of ‘what if?’ talesEveryone knows superheroes are imaginary, but there was a time in the 1960s when some stories were too incredible to believe, even for a comic book. That’s why comic-book fans of a certain age will grin like the Joker when they hear DC Comics has collected 11 such tales in a $19.99 softcover called DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories, on sale this month. These were stories readers wanted to see — Clark Kent choosing between Lois Lane and Lana Lang, Batman flying, Superman having twin sons — but which occurred outside regular continuity.Among highlights: A 1946 story in which Captain Marvel is the last man left alive after an atomic war; a fanboy’s fantasy in which Jimmy Olsen marries Supergirl; and the first official imaginary story from 1960, called “Mr. and Mrs. Superman.”Even though Superman ismarried these days, that cannot replace the charm of these simpler tales. The collection includes one of the most dramatic “what if?” tales of all: “The Death of Superman” from 1961, which imagined Lex Luthor murdering the Man of Steel, who is seen waving to his fans from the clouds in a touching final panel.- David ColtonWhat a nice way to end the work week!

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  1. Hi Bob.I couldn’t agree more about what you said, when you talked about the collection of dc *what if style* of stories. and finally of the era that i have been waiting so long for.I have only written to you as i did last year, in the hope that you can furnish me with some information about future dc archives. i have been desperately hoping that there will be a *Lois Lane and Jimmy olsen archive, also a tomahawk, metal men, metemorpho and a Rip hunter and superboy archive as well. Can you please let me know, take care and by the way you did two nice eulogies on jim aparo and james doohan . thanks very much.take carejim summers

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