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Just to show that not everything has been depressing or frustrating, allow me to mention the good things that have happened lately.On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the home of Paul and Robin Kupperberg, joined by several others. The moment I stepped foot into the house, they lost power. What’s odd about that is the fact we had rain and thunder the night before but it took over 12 hours before they lost electricity. Regardless, we had a swell time, eating loads of good stuff and chatting up a storm.We left in time to return to Fairfield and catch Robbie in his final performance as the Steward in the Fairfield Teen Theatre Company’s Into the Woods. The Steward was originally described to me as comic relief and he did what he could with it, having fun along the way. Since he accompanied one of the princes on his quest, and the prince was using a toy horse as his steed, my son came up with a great bit – he’d use his souvenir Spamalot cocoanuts to provide the appropriate sound effect. And sure enough, the audience laughed. It was a stronger performance than opening night and the kids were genuinely sad to see the experience come to an end.During Intermission, we were working our way out of the theatre when we were assaulted by Katie. The Katie that wasn’t due home from Washington until today. She arranged, a month ago, to take her Arabic final early, and sneak home to surprise us. Her co-conspirator Kelly arranged tickets, collected her at the Amtrak station and slipped her into the theatre after us. It was an absolutely terrific surprise.Robbie’s reaction after the show was quite positive, as he threw himself around her and wouldn’t let go for some time. Having performed with many of these kids over the last few summers, once they spotted her, was quite the joyous reunion all the way around.She has delighted in being home, sleeping in her bed, reading at her leisure and cooking whatever inspired her. We loved having her around to chat with at the dinner table or indulging her suggestion of watching Raiders of the Lost Ark afterwards (and boy, does that still hold up well after 20 years).I’ve lamented to some that I was going to have to suffice having Kate around for just nine days and this surprise gave her to us for a full two weeks and I intend to enjoy each of those precious days.

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