Bibliography – One Year Later

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It’s been just over a year and a few new things have been added so I thought it’d be worthwhile to post a revised list.BOOKSNon-FictionAs Xavier Einstein:Trivia Mania: Comics & Cartoons / Zebra Books, 1984As Robert Greenberger:The DC Comics Encyclopedia (with Phil Jimenez, Scott Beatty and Dan Wallace) / DK Books, 20043 essaysYou Did What? : Mad Plans and Great Historical Disasters Edited by Bill Fawcett / Perennial Currents, 2004Young Adult Non-Fiction:all published by Rosen BooksBaseball Hall of Famers: Lou GehrigBasketball Hall of Famers: Wilt ChamberlainCool Careers Without College for People Who Love to DriveFamous Movie Monsters: GodzillaGreat Scientific Questions and the Scientists who Answered Them: The Nature of EnergyGus Grissom: The Tragedy of Apollo 1A Historical Atlas of PakistanJuan Ponce de Leon: The Exploration of Florida and the Search for the Fountain of YouthThe Library of Graphic Novelists: Will EisnerPrimary Sources of Revolutionary Scientific Discoveries and Theories: Darwin and the Theory of EvolutionThe Technology of Ancient ChinaCool Careers Without College for People Who Love Organzing (2006)FictionNovelsAs David Evans:Time Station BerlinAce Books, 1997As Robert Greenberger:Star Trek#59: The Disinherited (with Michael Jan Friedman and Peter David)Star Trek: The Next Generation#12: Doomsday World (with Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, and Carmen Carter)#35: The Romulan StratagemQ�s Guide to the Universe (with Michael Jan Friedman)Doors into Chaos (Gateways Book 3)What Lay Beyond: �The Other Side� (Gateways Book 7)A Time to LoveA Time to HateStar Trek: Deep Space Nine#20: Wrath of the Prophets (with Michael Jan Friedman and Peter David)Star Trek: S.C.E.#15: �Past Life (also collected in the book Star Trek: SCE No Surrender)#32: Buying Time (to be collected in 2005�s Star Trek: SCE-Aftermath)Star Trek Short StoriesHour of Fire in Star Trek: Enterprise LogsLefler�s Logs in Star Trek: New Frontier No LimitsA Song Well Sung in Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion WarCommand Code in Star Trek Voyager: Distant ShoresFictionShort StoriesMemories of Erin� in Bolos Book 4: Last Stand / Baen Books, 1997Solo in Mob Magic / Daw Books, 1998A Matter of Faith in Oceans of Space / Daw Books, 2002Comic Books“Tomorrow is Canceled” (with Barbara Randall)Action Comics #574″The Back-Up”Batman Annual #11DC Comics Presents #93 (with Barbara Randall)Firestorm #80″A Princess’ Story”Secret Origins #28Star Trek #28Suicide Squad #38Articles, Introductions, Reviews, etc.Amazing HeroesThe Comics JournalComics SceneCosmic OdysseyFangoriaHeadlinerHeavy MetalJustice League of America Archives Vol. 7StarlogEditorial WorkStarlog PressStarlog, associate editor September 1980 – January 1984Comics Scene, founding editor, first run, 11 issues November 1981 – Septmber 1983Fangoria #9-17, managing editorDC ComicsEditorAction Comics Weekly #601-642all covers, various featuresAlien Nation movie adaptationThe Atlantis Chronicles mini-seriesBlasters SpecialDC Challenge #3-12DC FocusDC Sampler #3DC SpotlightDeadshot min-seriesDoom Patrol #6-25Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special co-edited with Mike GoldFlash Gordon #1-9The Hacker Files #1-12Heroes Against HungerLois Lane mini-seriesMask co-edited with Mike Gold #1-6; #7-9Mister Miracle Special co-edited with Richard BruningThe Phantom mini-series, #1-6Power Girl mini-seriesSecret Origins (modern day half) #4, 6-16, 20, 21The Spectre #1-15, Annual #1Starman #1-12Star Trek #20-56, Annual #1-3, #1-31, Annual #1-2Star Trek III: The Search for Spock adaptationStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home adaptationStar Trek V: The Final Frontier adaptationStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country adaptationStar Trek: The Next Generation mini-series, #1-31, Annual #1-2Star Trek: The Modala Imperative mini-seriesSuicide Squad #1-30, Annual #1Teen Titans Spotlight #19Time Masters mini-seriesV #7-18Warlord #109-131, Annual #6Who’s Who #13-26Who’s Who in Star Trek #1-2Who’s Who Update ’87 #1-5Wrath of the Spectre #1-4Associate EditorCrisis on Infinite Earths #1-12 (co-plotted #1)History of the DC Universe#1-2 (coordinating editor)LegendsStar Trek #9-19V #1-6Who’s Who #1-12

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