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IAMTW UpdateA few weeks back, I wrote about a new organization, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. Since then, word has been spreading and their website has been populated over the last few days with the first in a series of information articles.Lee Goldberg and Max Allan Collins, the brains behind the operation, have done a great job not only spreading the word but getting people involved. As the site evolves, there will be solid public information as well as a members-only section where we will share secrets that only fellow media tie-in writers should know (things like Most Effective Threats to get Editors to Cut a Check and 10 Best Reasons to get an Extension – kidding, I think). One of the member only bits will be a Market Report column which I have volunteered to coordinate.I mention all of this since I never know who reads the blog. Based on the first mention, for example, David Bishop – a writer I respect but have never met – found the organization.Season PremiersGilmore Girls thankfully returned last night. Last season was incredibly strong and the Emmy’s foolish overlooked Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop plus the writers. The show has not lost its wit, snap or cultural relevance. We picked up a split second after last season ended with Lorelei proposing to Luke. His response and the reaction among the regulars was spot on. However, that was really the B-story while the A-story focused on Rory and the ramifications of her stealing a boat and deciding to drop out of Yale. Most of it seemed fine and rang true. But not all of it: the scenes in the Pool House with Rory and her grandmother bordered on Over the Top and the Judge’s reaction to the Plea Bargain rang false.The plea bargain was for 20 hours of community service and the Judge threw it aside, declared Rory a spoiled rich girl who needed to learn the consequences of her actions and upped the ante to 300 hours plus 5 years probation. Once again, Edward Herrman’s reaction was Over the Top but Rory’s mute reaction to the rich girl reference annoyed me. She’s not a rich girl and is in fact financing Yale through a loan. Something her lawyer should have pointed out if not Rory herself.(And I find it troubling that last week’s Reunion and this episode went for the exact same plot point.)Still, the season started off well and promises to be an emotional roller coaster as the beloved Mother-Daughter tandem is split as new relationships form.House also returned last night with a very strong opening episode. The stuff with Omar Epps and LL Cool J may have been a little heavy-handed but I do like that they have yet to soften the character of House. He remains a difficult, pain-in-the-ass and manipulates people and the system for what he thinks is right, damn the consequences. But, it was also nice to seem him get as good as he gives from Sela Ward, who I adore. About the only character who really needs some expansion is Dr. Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein. But, we’re off to a very good start so I’m encouraged.Because of Gilmore, I’ll be missing Bones, which has received good notices in the press and from my friends. Yeah, I know I could tape it, but there are only so many hours in the week, so this one we’ll catch along the way thanks to reruns, pre-emptions and whatnot.

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  1. You’ve heard of me? Are you sure you don’t meant David Bischoff? I live in hope some editor will confuse me with him and I’ll pick up some extra work as a result.Hmm, perhaps I could create a few pseudonyms for the same purpose – Steven King, J. K. Rouling, Dan Browne would be a good start. 😉

  2. Nomi and I finally watched Gilmore Girls last night. As always, one of the best shows on TV. It deserves Emmys and accolades, and I am relieved that the Palladinos are still producing, writing, and directing it.I disagree with Hermann being over the top. I think his character, Richard, went over the top, but I think it made sense in context.I would agree with you that Rory should have pointed out to the judge that she was financing her education with a loan, except for one thing. I don’t think she is. Isn’t it true that her grandparents are completely picking up the tab, just like they did for Chilton? Or am I misremembering?As for the coincidence with Reunion, I don’t find it troubling, but I did find it odd. Especially given the way it introduced me to a point of jurisprudence I had never heard of before.

  3. Dude, you HAVE HAVE HAVE to get a DVR recorder for your TV, e.g. TiVo (I get mine through the cable company). It will not only change the way you watch TV, but it’ll change your life. I swear!
    (I’m assuming when you said you could “tape” a show, you were indicating you didn’t have a DVR.)

  4. I actually had the opposite reaction to the Judge’s response and think I’d have been disappointed if something like this hadn’t happened. The reactions of Logan’s friends, the lawyer and Richard & Emily represented the sort of attitude the Judge has to deal with every day. So I laughed at the pay-off.Of course, the Judge’s characterization of Rory was unfair but our girl was obviously too stunned to point that out and, let’s face it, the lawyer didn’t even know enough about her to realize she wasn’t a spoiled rich kid. He said as much in that earlier meeting, where he remarked that the conversation had mostly been composed of him and Richard talking about old times.So now Rory has 280 hours more than she expected to think about what a prince she has for a boyfriend. And I patiently wait for Marty to re-enter the picture.

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