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Thanks to being a part of the IAMTW (see previous entries), I was made aware of an anthology for a tie-in that was looking for submissions. Since I am awaiting word on two proposals, I figured it couldn’t hurt to check this out.Well, now that I know what it feels like when people call me at DC. I know the continuity, the characters and the corporate history so well, that information comes easily.I admit to being somewhat daunted by the sheer volume of reference made available to me for this potential project. I mean, I’ve downloaded hundreds of pages of information and am slowly wading my way through it. Story ideas are coming to me and that’s a good feeling.Still, I had some questions and sure enough, the editor put me in touch with his company’s equivalent of, well, me. And he’s come through with encouraging words, and a ton of guidance which has allowed me to focus on the key backstory and technology issues.I like the challenge of trying something new and I am impressed by the work done to date which will, ultimately, allow me to play in this new sandbox with the right tools.

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  1. I’m even MORE intrigued by the idea of an editor for one publishing company submitting story ideas to an editor of ANOTHER publishing company. While I’m thrilled that this isn’t perceived as a “conflict of interest,” because I personally don’t believe that it IS, I’m intrigued because it sounds like you’re getting re-acquainted with the feeling of being at THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK with the unique understanding of how THIS editor feels while HE knows that you’re an editor TOO! I wonder what you’d experienced the reverse: an editor from another company submitting a story idea to YOU. What was THAT like?

  2. I’m sorry. I meant to say “I wonder IF you’d experienced the reverse: an editor from another company submitting a story idea to YOU. What was THAT like?”

  3. This is far from the first time I’m a staff editor pitching freelance to other editors. In fact, since I’ve had an editorial job most of my career, that’s the case with just about everything I’ve written on the side.I’ve also had a few editors pitch me stories, especially during the days I edited the Star Trek titles. It had its moments, that’s for sure. Especially since we were pitching each other and were both trying to avoid any sense of quid pro quo.

  4. “If you’ll let me do THIS story, I’ll let you write on one of MINE!”Yeah, I can see how tempting that could be.Forgive my ignorance, I came in “late in the game,” but did you start out as a freelance writer or an editor? Does one job give you a better perspective of “The Big Picture” than the other?

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