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Been a quiet week.Too quiet.Right now, I have nothing scheduled to write. There are a few things out there and maybe I’ll hear about some of them soon.There are the short story pitches sitting with one media tie-in editor since December. And there’s the other media tie-in proposal awaiting Licensee approval for something like six weeks now. And then there’s the shot-in-the-dark media tie-in outline and sample chapter sitting on yet another media tie-in editor’s desk since August. And finally, I sent off a different media tie-in short story outline this past weekend.In theory, that clears the decks to get back to the original fantasy, especially now that I have more of the backstory questions answered. Of course, instead, I’m taking Deb and Robbie to Shea for the final Mets game of the season.

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  1. hey bob did you get my email a while ago? Wondering if you changed your email address or just taking your time on replying. Wanted to make sure that u got it.Hope all is well!Zoee

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