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So, we’re back to reality.While the work continues at DC unabated, for which I am very pleased, the pending projects at home have inched a little closer to resolution.On the media tie-in pitch from December, the editor this week said he’d be reading it over the next few weeks.On the media tie-in pitch now at the Licensor, it seems the time-sensitive bottleneck has been resolved and my outline will be read shortly.On the new media tie-in pitch, I finally heard back that the pitch is “ambitious” and one of their people gave me a thorough continuity read which will require some tweaks but nothing insurmountable. I’m awaiting the final word to get started and then we can talk about it.On the media tie-in pitch submitted just before vacation, I finally heard back from the editor this week. She liked the basic story outline, called the sample chapter “fantastic” and gave me notes to proof it against the Licensor. I’m now in the midst of making revisions. One nice thing about not looking at this in two months is that I now see ways to improve it plus her notes will make it stronger.Stay tuned.

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  1. The process of submitting and writing a tie-in of some kind seems like quite the ride…very interesting.

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