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Election UpdateYou can tell it’s fall. We changed the clocks the other day and I just spent two hours on the train platform, trying not to shiver in the cold, handing out campaign literature as the election fight winds down.Tuesday saw the platform filled with loads of Republicans, all the top-of-the-ticket candidates and others. Yesterday, there were still some Republicans pressing the flesh as people hurried to the train.This morning was our turn. I thought commuters might object to a third morning of politicking, but no one said anything. We had our top-of-the-ticket people on hand plus some others, such as yours truly. Denise Dougiello, running as our First Selectman’s mate, commented that in her experience the later the train departure, the surlier the commuter mood. Since I habitually take the 6:40 train, it’s not something I have witnessed. Well, she’s right and I have no idea why. After all, they’re taking later trains, which likely means they got more sleep. Who knows?After standing there from 6 a.m. until 8, I grabbed a cup of coffee and boarded the 8:02, glad to have done my part.I’ve also been asked to be the poll counter for the Democrats at District 8 on Election Night. Essentially, once the polls close at 8 p.m., I’ll be there to watch the election officials tally the results from each machine, checking their math and then calling in the results to HQ before heading to the (hopefully) joyous party at a local restaurant. Should make for a fascinating experience.Distant ShoresThe first on line review went up yesterday over at Trek Nation. Jackie Bundy enjoyed the anthology a lot, more than she might have enjoyed the TV series. Of my story, “Command Code,” she wrote: “Even without the notation of when this story is set you would know immediately as Greenberger perfectly captures the ambiance of tension early in the series when the two crews were still distrustful of each other.”Hot Stove Talk Heats UpPlayers are still declaring free agency but already speculation is running rampant as to who the Mets will go after. It seems they’re setting their sights on Billy Wagner, closer for the Phillies. He’d be good, but at 34, I wouldn’t want to lock him into anything long term. A more appealing choice is B.J. Ryan from the Orioles, but everyone will want him. My biggest fear is they’ll go for aging “Flash” Gordon or Trevor Hoffman, which is not what they need.The other intriguing gossip is that Rafael Furcal, the slick-fielding shortstop from Atlanta might be interesting in the Mets. But they already have Jose Reyes at short, you say. True, but Furcal has indicated he’d be willing to move to second. Of course, that trick didn’t work last year when Kaz Matsui made the move and he’s still under contract. I’d be wary of this one, especially since he’s light hitting and his stolen base count is down.On the Freelance FrontThe proposals that have sat on an editor’s desk since December finally got read this week. I got a call last night which amounted to, “What else do you have?” So, I fumed about it on the walk to the train and then, while reading Time, a thought occured to me. I want one or two more log line pitches and then I’ll try again.In happier news, the new meda tie-in market I approached has given me a green light for a short story for an anthology. Once I name the story and get underway, I’ll provide some details.

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  1. Later riders will be surlier because they stayed up later, woke up later, and had to rush in later, all to get to work at some godforsaken early time established by The Man.At least, that’s why I was always surly going to work.

  2. Come on, Bob! I wanna hear about you getting out there kissing babies, handing out candy, making campaign promises you have no intention of keeping!!!Here’s an idea: “Vote 4 Bob” sandwich boards. Are any of your competitors donning sandwich boards to promote their candidacy?Let me know if you need some kind of campaign manager…I’m full of these kinds of ideas… 🙂

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