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Hi, I’m Glenn Hauman. As you may know, I’m the site administrator around here, and the assistant editor on Jon Sable and GrimJack. I also run a website called Lot Auctions, and there’s an auction going on now of 30,000+ comics that a lot of you might want to bid on. Every so often, you hear about a collection like this– now you have a chance to get in on it.This is the personal collection of a long-time employee of the big-two comics companies (we can’t tell you who because of their corporate policy) who has to pay for a college education for his kids– so he’s selling off his entire collection, from Action Comics to Zot!, including complete runs of Avengers, Justice League, Green Lantern, Iron Man, and many others. And just to keep it on topic, there are a lot of books Bob worked on, editing and even writing an issue or two.Most books prior to 1975 are VG or better, most books after 1975 are VF or better. Many are in mint condition (read once) and many rare issues are to be found, like the Elseworlds 80 Page Giant that includes Kyle Baker’s “Letetia Lerner, Superman’s Babysitter” and which was pulped in the United States– less than 700 copies are suspected to exist.Covers shown are NOT the actual covers, but used only for display purposes. The collection is available for viewing by appointment, and individual issues are also available for more precise grading information on request. Shipping costs will be paid by the buyer for any and all issues purchased.Any questions, feel free to ask in comments here or on the Lot Auctions site. Bid heavy– the more money this auction brings in, the less intrusive ads I have to put on the site to pay for all this bandwidth.And bid soon– the auction ends in just over 24 hours.

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