Clicking til I Drop

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I admire my friend Laurie. Usually, we wind up visiting her and Bob at their Long island during the summer. Tucked away in a corner of the Dining Room is a neatly wrapped stack of Christmas presents. Laurie is actually done for the holidays by August which I find amazing.I start talking about shopping for friends and family in October and Deb invariably puts me off until November and then we plan a few weekends to blitz the malls trying to be mainly done before December 1.This year, we did it a bit differently. Yesterday, we went to the mall and bought a handful of the gifts we needed. Later in the day, I spent about an hour on line ordering a variety of gifts for the immediate family and more relatives. Just about every site was offering free shipping plus nice deals on the items. Click, click, click, I was rapidly filling in the list (on behalf of Santa of course).This morning I ordered a few more things and can safely say that we’re just about done. The transition to cyber shopping makes me save time and effort and probably some money. It’s a growing trend, one covered in the papers the other day. Monday the 28th will be Cyber Monday, the twelfth busiest shopping day on line, but growing. In theory, starting the Christmas Season on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, brings throngs of people out to spend, spend, spend. I have always avoided going anywhere other than the supermarket that entire weekend. Anyway, the theory goes that many are now window shopping on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday, they arrive at work armed and ready to use the company high-speed internet connection to order everything they saw on line.This probably means the websites slow down given the crush of users. So, we have neatly avoided all that although I do note Amazon, among other sites, was a wee bit slow yesterday. Could be, people are catching on to this early on line shopping notion.And for those who still like to visit the brick and mortar stores, there are websites that will reveal the Black Friday circulars, letting you figure out when and where to shop to maximize your bargains.Me, I’ll now have all of that weekend to write (and sadly, to rake). Ho ho ho.

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