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Just a quick update to let people know where things stand with the various writing I’ve mentioned.Ages of War: A Classic BattleTech AnthologyThe story is written, running long, and in the hands of my editor, the esteemed Loren Coleman. Once I get his notes, I’ll see how best to whittle it down to size.Star Trek: Corps of Engineers “Troubleshooting”Next up. Outline’s approved by Paramount so I can start noodling with this while waiting to see what happens in the installment prior to this one.Other StuffThe media tie-in short story outline has been revised and is with the editor or licensor. If approved, it’ll have to be written ahead of “Troubleshooting”.The media tie-in novel proposal was revised over the weekend and sent to the editor who reported back that her 2006 slots are likely full and 2007 hasn’t been decided as yet so I’m in a weird sort of limbo. Too bad since she liked my writing sample and it’d be fun to work in another universe.The original urban fantasy outline continues to gnaw at me and will likely get back to that during the next lull in the action, or around February 1 after “Troubleshooting” is delivered.AppearancesRelated to the above, I will be out and about, doing the self-promotion thing at a handful of early 2006 events including:Farpoint in FebruaryLunacon in MarchI-Con in MarchAnd on behalf of DC Comics, will be at the big New York Comic-con.

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  1. Bob, do you know if DC is asking any freelancers to sign at their table? To my knowledge Robin hasn’t yet heard anything from his editor, and unless it involves money (i.e., renting a table for $250 which we aren’t going to do) the NY Comic-con people are fairly slow to respond to requests to be put on their guest list.

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