Me and my Modem

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No wonder Cablevision is number six.And yet, we keep giving them money for services.Those keeping track know I am awaiting a reply from the President of the company regarding their ala carte plans. Meantime, in October, Deb gifted me with a Cablevision-branded DVR which we have come to know and love.Last week, Deb does some snooping around and figures out those international calls (say to Egypt) are substantially cheaper via Optimum Voice. The line itself, is also cheaper given our being cable and online subscribers. So, we order Voice, switching Deb’s office line from SBC to Optimum.The gent arrived this morning within his window, so far so good. He looked above the basement drop ceiling, traced some of the cables and made a good effort but ultimately decided he’d need to do this from the outside. He dutifully wraps a connection around the house, drills a small hole in an outside wall and connects Deb’s phone to a new voice modem.Except, Deb wanted it hooked to a phone jack connected to the existing cable modem, cutting down on wires and pieces of hardware. The gent, who’s pretty good natured, says it can’t be done and leaves. Deb is not thrilled, since the website swears it can be done. She calls customer service; they agree and swear they’ll send the man back. I receive a call at 11:48 saying he’d be there in 40 minutes.Just after 2:15, I call to find out where he is. I’m dutifully informed the service call had been canceled. I ask them to explain this. After some investigating, it appears that the woman who called to confirm the 40 minutes had not really spoken to tech. She guessed. And when the tech hadn’t called in by 1, she went ahead and closed the job ticket. The tech, I was then told, could return between 2 and 6. This was pretty much when the kids and I had planned to go see King Kong.So, not wanting to disappoint the kids, we rescheduled for Friday. Just as I was preparing to leave, the cable tech returns. No one told him the ticket had been either canceled or rescheduled. He had run behind on his previous calls. This means he’s here, as I write, doing the work the way the Mrs. wants it, yet it also means we’re not seeing Kong today since Robbie has work and I have the RTM tonight.While I dislike Cablevision, I find myself giving them more money and intertwining them more in my day-to-day life. Sigh.

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