The Transit Strike

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For those who have asked, the transit strike has not affected my life at all. Metro North form Connecticut zips right into Grand Central and I walk to the DC offices as usual. If anything, the trains are a little emptier as people work from home or start their holidays early.I do see the streets being a little less crowded and several businesses are either closed or closing early as their employees struggle to commute. Here at the office, most of the staff managed to get in. An informal survey yesterday showed people staying with relatives, riding their bicycles or walking with one, my old colleague Jermaine McLaughlin, logging a twelve-mile stroll to the office.I just had a spirited discussion with a few of my teammates as one took the side of the union and I took the side of the commuter. It was a fascinating debate as we could look at the situation from very different points of views.When Roger Toussaint, the union president, appears in court today, the results should be interesting.Actually, it’s a good week to be Judge Jones. First, Judge John Jones in Pennsylvania issued a lucid ruling in the Pennsylvania Intelligent Design case and now Judge Theodore Jones isn’t letting the union defy the court without repercussions.

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  1. Nomi and I were actually talking about how the strike wouldn’t really affect you. After all, it’s not that long a walk from Grand Central to your office.

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