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2006 seems to be off to a good start.We welcomed the New Year and promptly went to sleep. Our Open House, at least 10 years old, remains popular for those who attend but this year we had our lowest turn out yet. The door opened at 2 and the first guest walked in at 2:40, which happened to be Robbie’s girl friend Stephanie. We had maybe two dozen adults visit and Kate easily had half as many friends turn up, including a pal from GWU.Monday and Tuesday, DC Comics was closed so I managed a good clip of writing on my Star Trek: Corps of Engineers story. I have some material I am quite happy with and recognize I need to beef up other sections. I’ll finish the first draft and then go back and layer material in. I also need to see what’s established by the comedy duo of Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore in the preceding story to make sure nothing is contradicted. For example, there’s a new crewmember and I put her in a cabin with someone and want to make sure they don’t establish some other bunk assignment.Also, because I got up really early for an errand on Monday, by the afternoon I was a little out of it and wound up on the couch watching three episodes of The West Wing from season three. I’ve been working my way through the DVDs and I remain amazed at how Sorkin takes something from a throwaway bit of business in one episode and revisits it in another. Also, just the amount of story he can cram into 43 minutes remains awe inspiring. I’m trying to keep those lessons in mind for the story since I have the crew split up and running around a space station. We’ll see if I’m even in the same quadrant when all is said and done.There was snow and slush and rain today so Robbie wound up with an unexpected snow day, delaying the return to classes meaning Deb was the only one up and out this morning. Tomorrow all three of us return to the routine and it’ll be interesting to see what the new year brings us.

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  1. A couple of corrections regarding creative personnel for Superman….Ruben Moreira’s name is misspelled under the listing for Showcase Presents Superman Family.The dustjacket artwork shown for Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives Vol. 2 is by Boring, not Swan as indicated. Thank you.

  2. Bob- I truly enjoyed our contact during the Superman army newspaper arrangement. I wish you all the best. You’re a great editor and have contributed to some awesome projects! More to come from other venues, I’m sure!Jeff

  3. I am sorry to hear that you have been fired by DC Comics. My impression from this blog is that you are a great person, and that you love comics.The books you have worked on that I have in my collection are great.I wish you good luck in the future and am looking forward to seeing more great work from you!

  4. Bob, I got an e-mail saying that you were let go and I see that John’s site has confirmed this.I feel terrible for you and your family.Please contact me when you are able.

  5. Hi, Bob –Sorry to hear about your recent misfortune. (I would have contacted you in a less impersonal way, but I no longer have a current e-mail address for you now!) Hope everything turns out okay in the “Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is the same as that for ‘opportunity’ way” that may or may not be true.Probably won’t see you at Lunacon this year, but best of luck.BRIAN

  6. Very sad news about the termination. DC is losing a treasure. You were always one of my favorite editors, and I hope you’ll find something quickly. Please keep me posted on everything, and best of luck! GP

  7. I just read the newsarama story. I’m really sorry to hear about DC. I remember a brief correspondence and talking to you at I-Con back in the early 80’s and always thought you were a great guy. You really deserved better than this.Good luck in the future. I wish you and your family all the best.

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