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It’s been an interesting few days.First of all, the number of comments people have posted both here and elsewhere has floored me (and Deb). And they’re still coming as I see my old pal Priest and Johanna Draper over at ComicsWorthReading (a nifty review and commentary site) just put stuff up.KC Carlson pointed out to me this week that there’s probably a generation of comic readers where I may have been one of the first professionals they met since I was out and about at many cons throughout the 1980s. Never really looked at it that way and he may have a point. I guess my enthusiasm for DC, the medium of comics and my general nature made an impression.I’ve been doggedly job hunting and networking all week. Rather than sleep in and waste time, I’ve more or less gotten up around the same time so I can see Deb and Robbie off. I’ll brew the coffee, read through the Connecticut Post and USA Today before making my way to the basement. For the first five days, I’ve been e-mailing people, responding to many of the legion of well-wishers, and surfing the job sites. I’ve had a few good friends help me with polishing the resume and more help has been promised.Old colleagues have been generous with their time, calling me to check in or providing me with whatever leads they possess. So far, it hasn’t landed me any interviews, but I do have some meetings coming up which will at least get me out of the house.And I have picked up some short-term freelance. I’m now contributing to a project being prepared for sci-fi.com and will soon start writing a few short pieces for another publication. There’s some prose also coming up, but it’s too early to talk about. In theory this should also give me time to get back to a spec project or two. All of this will keep the hours filled while the hunt continues, which is good.Meantime, I am also seeing to it I stay in my routines, so I continue at the gym and have picked up making dinner. I try and log off the computer between 5-5:30 and have the night for the family. Kate has noticed that I haven’t given myself enough break time just to sit and read and I have to admit, the one time I tried that this week, I enjoyed but couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt for not writing or hunting. I suspect that will adjust itself.

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  1. Sounds like you are handling this in the best way possible. Most people take a while to get over the shock and probably lose some very valuable time.The fact that so many have been touched by your situation and offered so much support should tell you a lot about yourself and the way you have treated others. Best of luck to you.

  2. Sigh. I understand what you are going through. I recently lost the job where I had been working for the last 17 years. It is a blow, but life goes on. Good luck with your job hunt. I am currently doing the same.

  3. I still remember fondly sitting eating lunch with my wife, Theresa, and you in Chicago and being berated by you for not insisting on a higher page rate for the DC Star Trek work I was doing (since I’d gotten a nice increase at Malibu for the DS9 books I did). You then promptly went back to the DC offices after the show and got me the increase.You’re one of the “good guys”, Bob– don’t ever forget that. I know I won’t.Best of luck– though I’m sure you won’t need it.

  4. I spent seven months on the job hunt last year, so if you don’t mind two pieces of unsolicited advice?1> Take time to read/relax. Not only is now a chance it will help you be more relaxed at interviews.2> Remember, job search expenses are tax deductible 🙂

  5. Someone’s going to wind up with one hell of a writer and editor. I checked it out and the Senior Editor job at Johns Hopkins Press just got, unfortunately, filled.

  6. Bobby,I’ve known you for many years, and I am crushed to hear about this. To do this to such a devoted worker has got to be one of the lowest blows. The corporate world we are forced to live and work in makes decisions based on some really stupid criteria, that none of us can even hope to understand. Through it all, you have borne the brunt of stupid personnel moves and have stubbornly refused to be tarnished by the process, coming out better and stronger than ever on the other side. Of course, Julie , Rachel and I wish you all the best, but you hardly need my wish. You , above all else , are better than these people and you will come through once again an improved, re-imagined Bob Greenberger, and we get to know you all over again.See you at Farpoint.

  7. Bob:Just heard about your “termination” (funny how that word seems softer than “firing”). I am so sorry to hear about it, as we go way back–I remember you declaring that you “discovered me”.Just to let you know, there is life after comics. I hope for all the best for you and your family. If there’s anything I can help with, you can always send me an email.Take care,Pete Krause

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