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Yesterday was a nice day.Spent the morning working on a short story and then took the train to the city in time for a weekly lunch I haven’t attended in months. I got to see a lot of colleagues I normally only see on line and was treated to lunch by Aaron Rosenberg (a swell guy with some books to his credit, go out and support him).Afterwards, did a quick tour of the nearest Barnes & Noble with Keith DeCandido and then we hightailed it uptown to Pocket Books. I popped in to say howdy to the various editors there in the Media Tie-In department. It’s always good to see old friends and colleagues, shooting the breeze about their work, office politics, licensee nightmares and the latest television gossip. It also, I admit, was a chance to remind them all I’m alive and available should things come up. While this led to nothing immediate, one never knows.From there, I walked a few blocks over to DC. I had a meeting to discuss a research project for one department and I have to say the meeting went very well. I’ll enjoy the research and establishing a good working relationship with another department. Having said that, it was certainly a little odd walking the third floor where Collected Editions resides. I said hi to everyone in the group, heard what they were up to, answered a question or two on work left behind, grabbed samples of some of my recently-released projects and finally remembered to grab my personal sketchbook which I inadvertently left behind.Finished there, I walked over to Deb’s office where I sat reading a stack of comics as she endured a longer than normal day with lots of rush projects requiring her attention. Initially, the plan called for a bunch of us going out for drinks but the day’s projects took up too much time and by 6:30, no one wanted to leave or wanted to go straight home. Deb and I just grabbed a train back to Connecticut and it was certainly comforting riding with her once more.As for what’s going on, the job hunt continues. Applied to a lot of stuff I found on line but that’s like mailing your resume into a black void, you never know. I continue to talk to people and network but so far, some tantalizing possibilities remain tantalizing possibilities. I quickly jotted down all my writing commitments and I have to say, there’s plenty of keep me busy especially with this short-term research project on top of it.So the answer is: I’m busy and optimistic.

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