Week Four

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We’re at four weeks and counting since DC and I parted company and I figured I’d report on what’s been going on.First of all, the house gets very quiet between 7 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. – that’s when Robbie is at high school. I come downstairs after seeing him off and boot up the computer to see what’s awaiting me. The e-mail from friends has predictably trailed off but several have made an effort to keep in touch, which is appreciated. And I’ve reconnected with old friends which was an unexpected benefit.From 7 until about 5-5:30 I’m working at the desk, playing music to keep me company. I take a break around 1:30 for lunch where I read or watch something on the DVR. The rest of the time is e-mail, job hunting, some phone calls, some networking, and some writing.(At least once a week, the routine is modified with me running to the gym at 7 for a workout and the showering and hitting the computer by 9.)So, what am I working on? This week, I completed my short story, “The Landing Party,” for Star Trek: Constellations, the 40th anniversary anthology coming later this year. I’ve also completed my first draft of Star Trek: Corp of Engineers #2, “Troubleshooting,” and need to get back to make for a second pass. There’s a media tie-in co-writing project percolating but more on that when the licensee approves the outline.I’ve done a second round of writing for a project to launch later this month at scifi.com which has been very enjoyable.I’ve done a bunch of writing for something new, something I never imagined myself doing and I’ll talk about that closer to when it’s available.And there’s the research I’ve been doing for DC, which will wind up this coming week.There’s another brand new project that landed in my lap that may be a change of pace. Not much money up front, but certainly has potential. And I landed an article for the brand new Fairfield, dedicated to, well, my town. Rosen Books seems ready to hire me for at least one more book and I’m waiting for that to be confirmed.I have a few spec projects that I need to devote some time to, especially one before I attend Farpoint in two weeks.Around 5:30 I’m upstairs and working on preparing dinner. Once that’s done, I settle down on the couch with my book and read until dinner is ready to serve. As I sit, the dogs vie for a prime petting spot and we have a routine established.It’s nice to have managed this much activity in a short period of time, but it remains volatile and doesn’t entirely replace my previous salary. Still, it fills the hours and gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.As for the job hunt, I’ve spoken with numerous people, had one quasi-interview, have another this week, but no real hint that any offer is coming soon. I answer ads on the internet, scan the papers, and continue to network, going from person to person to see what might shake free. Some dear friends have also been networking on my behalf and it’s amazing to see what happens next.Stay tuned for further developments.

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