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Somewhat snurched from my pal, Michael Burstein:AboutSF.com, is a resource center currently under construction by Thomas Seay. The main page lays out a mission to provide “services related to speculative literature, science fiction, and education.” On his blog, Seay says, “AboutSF is intended to serve as a sort of ‘volunteer coordinator’ for the speculative fiction field, so our focus will depend on which projects the many volunteers within the SF field consider the most useful or promising.”The most interesting thing he’s set up from my perspective is a speaker’s bureau. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America did run its own SFWA Speakers’ Bureau for many years, but recently it doesn’t seem to have been too active. And SFWA is now pointing its writers toward the new resource.So I figured I, like Michael, would sign up for it. I’m now listed at Speaker info: Robert Greenberger. I’ve actually given talks before, at libraries and on college campuses, but those have often been catch as catch can. Now science fiction and fantasy writers who aren’t as well known have a way to get our names out there. and I’m curious to see if I get any requests especially since I’m the only one listed in Connecticut.

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  1. “Somewhat” snurched? :-)I’m glad you found this useful. I have a feeling a lot more people will be signing up as time passes. The only question now is how to make sure that libraries and colleges know that the resource exists…

  2. There’s a really simple way to do this… have sf and comic fans contact their local libraries and the colleges they attend. They could even report back to the resource with the appropriate contact info for followup mailings.– M

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