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On Saturday, Deb commented that if we were getting snow, she wanted a lot of it. I pointed out that being on the coast; we usually get the low end of the estimates so we were more likely to see 4-6 inches than the 12 inches being predicted. I was confident in that feeling as the 6 p.m. start of the snow really became a 9:30 p.m. start.Imagine my surprise when we woke up yesterday so see the streets covered and the snow coming down hard and fast. In a moment of bravado, Deb put on her boots and coat and trudged out to collect the paper. By lunchtime, there was no sign of her having been outdoors.I spent the snow day taking care of family odds and ends, from laundry to prepping the taxes to filling out the financial aid forms for both kids. After lunch, we all played Sorry (I won) and then around 3 the snow tapered off and we suited up. It took us about 90 minutes to dig out the walk and driveway. Robbie’s car blocked the driveway but Deb was going to be the first one leaving today so we had to re-juggle the cars. That proved easier said than done as both cars got stuck in the snowy street (the plows came through at 7:30 a.m. and didn’t come back until after 5) but we managed.I can’t find an accurate measurement on line, but Robbie heard a radio report last night indicating Fairfield saw 18-20 inches. I’ll believe it.Deb was supposed to fly to Minneapolis today but last night she got a call, canceling her flight and rebooking her for Tuesday night. First thing this morning I was outside clearing the lip of the driveway, moving away what the plows deposited. Her train ride to the City was slow and laborious but she made it only a wee bit late.We’re done with snow for the season now.

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  1. We stayed in all day, doing a little cleaning, a little writing work, and a little TV watching.

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