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Where does the time go?It’s been an extremely quiet week, so there hasn’t been much to write about.Much of the week has been nose to the grindstone work as I put the finishing touches to the Suicide Bomber book, began researching the Artificial Intelligence book, polished and sent off the Corps of Engineers story and even did some interviews for an article I’m doing for Fairfield Magazine.Along the way, I did some research on another new project, applied for a few jobs and continued to send out e-mails to the network, much of which was following up with people.A headhunter who attends the same church as Deb and the kids, has made himself available to people in the parish who might need a hand. We learned this when Father Bob mentioned it to Deb on Sunday, asking if it was okay to pass my number along. Sure enough, I got a call from this friendly guy yesterday and we’ll be getting together for coffee in the near future. The nice thing about him will be the objective look at me, my skills, my resume and what might occur to him. This, I’m looking forward to.There were numerous Mr. Mom things that got done, too, which makes having me home an asset. For various reasons, I find myself at the post office a lot while out. It’s interesting that I’ve slipped into the domestic role so easily. I’m the only one making the meals during the week so I get to work out the menu, which has me trying at least one new recipe each week just so I don’t fall into ruts or bad habits.The best news is still the imminent arrival of Kate, very late Friday night, as she begins her Spring Break. She’ll be home for a week, and no doubt we’ll spend some fine time together (although I already have two nights committed). Then we have to share her with the Boogie Nights at Lunacon and I’ll post my schedule for the con next week.How’s the week treating the rest of you?

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  1. The year I took off from work, I did many of the daily errands, such as shopping, going to the post office, running the laundry, etc. It was really nice to have the free time to know I could do all that. Now we’re scrambling a little bit again.

  2. Sigh. I’m definitely displaying signs of what I used to call Lonely Freelancer Syndrome when I had an office job as Tharg, calling up people for a chat just because I’m bored and don’t have an urgent deadline. I’ve got no shortage of work to be doing, but not much motivation for tackling it. Plus I’m getting bored of my own cooking! Should buy myself a recipe book and try to extend my repetoire, like you.

  3. Very good. It’s been nice and quiet, which is very welcome right now. Both boys have bad colds so the coughing is in stereo.Stephanie has her spring break next week but she won’t be home until tomorrow sometime as she’s going to spend tonight with a friend who goes to UCLA.

  4. Mr Greenberger,Are you DC’s Collected Editions Editor? If so, where can I write to you concerning them?Respectfully,Vinny, NJ

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