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Writing can be a fluid process and at times a mysterious one.Today I was reviewing all my research to date on the Artificial Intelligence book and then found myself starting to cut and paste information into the skeleton I created for the book. Before I knew it, I had pretty much drafted the introduction, chapter one and most of chapter two. All told, a quarter of the book more or less assembled itself.Now, the next two chapters will be tougher since, having reviewed the research, I see there’s more specific things I need to look up and people to contact (that includes you Tom G.).Having completed the Suicide Bombers project, I figured this one on AI would take a while and now I’m well into it. Odd.Meantime, I have also gotten two pitches out for short projects, one of which has me very excited. Once approved, I’ll shout from the mountaintop, but until then I’ll sit here and smile.

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